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And such an attack is to let the demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors extremely angry mind, though felt the hole jade body surging mana, but three of them besieged hole jade, but now they are forced to defense, which It is to let their hearts Wohuo, but yet do nothing, because they are felt in the hole jade Zheyi inherent power, if they do not resist, then definitely be hurt, but once they are in this case injured, then they will not have much face a foothold in heaven.
    However, in demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors running magic resistance moment, suddenly chime sounded in their ears, and just heard that chime, the demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and offerings River ancestors are felt his consciousness suddenly stalled, and the time is stopped, the body suddenly they are all being detained lived.
    Donghuang bell contains the rules of time and space, these two laws are the people dream of heaven, and the hole jade refining donghuang bell, naturally mastered these two rules. Although only slightly hole jade comprehend a little time and space law, but also can play a strong matchless power, like now, the hole jade bell to play donghuang temporal rule, the demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors are imprisoned around the living space.
    Then came the cries loud rumbling came, hole punch in jade which sent three people as well as their avatar above demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors are by their avatar hole jade Zhe Yiquan broken up, after all, is spare, as the body flesh tough, had plenty of powerful magic, but is also under way to withstand the bombardment, and that one of the avatar are also turned into a Stupidly regression top ontology.
    The demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors flesh to withstand the hole jade Zhe Yiquan, but after it is without any change, this is because the use of space-time hole jade rule confined to live their flesh, so although the bear punch a hole jade, but it will not be any change in the flesh, unless it is lifted hole jade rules of time and space.
    Kong Yu Zhe Yiquan worked to see his later, suddenly it is a body of running crazy magic, then eyebrows at the Shura magic pupil flashing red light, a Unit appalling mind magic fluctuations from the hole jade eyebrows Shura Magic pupil exudes out, this is the hole jade preparing for the next attack, the hole jade had to hurry, because the hole jade possession very superficial temporal rule, there is the role of the time is not very long, only a very short period of time, so at this time, the hole jade must be a demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors made the biggest hit.
    Kong Yu eyebrows Shura magic pupil red flashing past, when the hole jade pupil can only use Shura magic magic, but magic since the last Shura after abnormal pupil, the hole jade is the pupil can use magic to attack Ashura In vivo Pang ** force support, three lightning from the hole jade Shura magic pupil eyebrows shot went straight demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors flesh away.
    Silent, that turned out to be three lightning directly through the demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors that huge flesh all over the place in their heart there is a startling hole,foamposites, but this time, the hole Jade finally lost the role of space law, tragic cries cry from the mouth of the three sent to.
    In the town Motoko, Monkey them stunned, horrified incomparable watched, demon division Kunpeng,cheap foamposites, land pressure and Stygian ancestors of the flesh are bang burst the open.
Chapter 480 shots per town
    Monkey because the town Motoko of the block, so we did not demon division Kunpeng, land pressure they went to the siege of the hole jade, had hearts still have some questions, but with the hole jade and demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and the Stygian ancestors war between the conduct, the Monkey King's heart is gradually pouring a Unit chill,foamposites for sale, watching the hole jade from the disadvantage, gradually regain a disadvantage, ultimately prevailed, this is so very shocked hearts Monkey . ()
    Looked a little hole jade has become more powerful, the Monkey King to know even if he chose to go with the siege of the hole jade, jade is not necessarily the hole beheaded, but it will also make the hole jade more powerful, and when the last demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors lived is now being detained, punch hole jade shattered all their commitments, then eyebrows at the Shura magic lightning pupil shot three bombers broken the trio of flesh, this is more Let the waves of fear the hearts of the Monkey King.
    Since not felt since the birth of the Monkey King in this moment of fear finally come to understand the taste of fear, how he did not think the demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian common ancestors will appear under siege even such a thing. Far from the hole jade beheaded, opposite the world famous three Pacific on the characters, but it is being ruined flesh hole jade, such a thing is really unacceptable.
    Which seems to still sound screams echoing ears, Monkey mind completely panicked, he saw himself in front of a town Motoko,cheap foamposites, the hearts of the town Motoko very grateful, if not the town Motoko stopped him, then he will be like now is the fate of the demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors same, but think of themselves and their scores between the hole jade, the Monkey King is a burst of scalp tingling, with his magic now is not the hole jade opponent.
    Monkey King is just do not understand a thing, that is the town Motoko promised to deal with the hole jade why not sell it? Looking demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors are being ruined flesh hole jade, not only did the town Motoko's face looks like panic, on the contrary there is a little bit of a smile, which makes the Monkey King was very confused and do not understand town Motoko's intention, but this time he did not dare to ask, and just stood there looking at the nether sea of ​​blood.
    Pupil from Shura magic lightning is emitted three curse God of Thunder, the hole jade had in helping Yuqing real tragedy when crossing had seen, but he did not think how this Shura magic pupil actually is able to release the day penalty thunder god, this is magic in the last Shura abnormal pupil hole jade discovered after the time is to make the hole jade extremely excited and would like to try this pupil Shura magic power.
    But this Shura magic curse pupil in order to release the God of Thunder is extremely mana needed huge, but fortunately Shura magic pupil itself has endless mana, if the light hole jade itself relying on mana, so even one day God of Thunder penalties are not released, but coupled with the nine sub jade dragon ring and bore their own magic, this makes the hole jade issued consecutive three days to punish God of Thunder.
    The penalty was issued three days after the God of Thunder, the hole jade body is also a burst emptiness, the brain burst of vertigo, there is a sleepy magic which is a sign of exhaustion. Kong Yu hearts surprised, quickly quit from nine sub-Dragon extracted a huge mana, replenish his own magic, though the demon has been successful division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors ruined flesh, but this time, Kong Yu-but still not taken lightly, after all, this trio's soul is unusually strong.
    After the cries of screams, demon division Kunpeng, land pressure and Stygian ancestors are crashing burst of flesh, flesh millions of years they grown so destroyed, and is, their strength has a great blow, And in their flesh destroyed, the demon division Kunpeng flesh being shot a green light flew toward the sky, and the land is being pressed flesh shot of a golden light flew toward the sky, as the Stygian ancestors flesh is turned into a pool of blood, falling into the nether sea of ​​blood.
    Kong Yu looked toward the sky two light, know that it is demon division and Lu Kun Peng pressure two people's soul, nature is not Fanghuguishan again, this time to hit them, but did not guarantee that the next hole jade What they will provoke come to deal with their own strong character, so naturally you want to wipe the hole jade, the stature flash that flew toward the sky.

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